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Natural Gas Grills

Most people are not really familiar with natural gas grills. Many people use natural gas to heat their home, ovens, and range but have never considered using that same gas to fuel the flames of their grill. The most commonly used gas in grills is propane, but if you already have natural gas running to your house, it may be a good idea to have that natural gas power your grill.

We'll talk to you about some of the benefits of using natural gas grills, some of the limitations if using natural gas, and what you can do if you already have a propane grill.

Natural gas is a great fuel for cooking because it is odorless and tasteless when cooked. Unlike charcoal, it imparts no flavor other than the taste of the flame. For most outdoor cooking this is exactly what you want. The only exceptions to when you want to taste the fuel is when you are using woods to impart flavor, such as a hickory plank or slow smoking a fatty piece of meat. For day to day grilling, however, gas is the way to go.

Another benefit of using gas as a fuel over wood or charcoal is the easy cleanup. To start cooking you just need to turn the grill on and wait about 5 minutes for the grates to heat up and you are ready to go. Then, to clean up you just need to scrub the grates with a wire brushed grill and wash the dishes and it is all done.

With wood and charcoal you have to deal with a long and arduous lighting process and the cleanup process is difficult as well. You must wait until the charcoal or wood is done smoldering and then find a good place to dispose of the blackened wood. Cooking with gas makes this process a cinch.

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